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Camera Bag Underwater

camera bag underwater

    camera bag
  • an adaptation of bags used to carry photographic equipment. Todays camera bags are rectangular with many additional zippered outside compartments.

  • submerged: beneath the surface of the water; "submerged rocks"

  • Situated, occurring, or done beneath the surface of the water

  • subaqueous: growing or remaining under water; "viewing subaqueous fauna from a glass-bottomed boat"; "submerged leaves"

  • Underwater is a term describing the realm below the surface of water where the water exists in a natural feature (called a body of water) such as an ocean, sea, lake, pond, or river. Three quarters of the planet Earth is covered by water.

camera bag underwater - Neewer Waterproof

Neewer Waterproof Underwater Blue PVC Bag With Lens Cover For Digital Cameras

Neewer Waterproof Underwater Blue PVC Bag With Lens Cover For Digital Cameras

A waterproof bag/case for digital cameras that allows the user to submerge, snorkle, or scuba dive with their trusty cameras to capture and film all their underwater moments.


*Waterproof up to 20 meters; dedicated soft German TPU, tensile strength, can be a buffer, drop resistance protection.

*Waterproof SLR Camera cover, dust, sand, snow and wind proof, anti-acid and alkali.

*Transparent cover that does not affect the film quality.

*The waterproof cover allows you to comfortably operate your camera.

*Waterproof cover on the back of a transparent design, easy to use your camera functions to snap photos.


*Compatible with: All cameras with a lens diameter of 6 cm.

*Color: Blue

*Material: PVC

*Fully expanded size: 17 x 12cm

*Weight: 2.1oz

package content:
1 x Cleaning cloths

100% Brand New. Never used. It comes with 3 Months Warranty by Seller.

79% (19)

Rachel - underwater.

Rachel - underwater.

This was taken using my Canon compact camera in a "Bingo" waterproof camera bag which I bought for around €5 on ebay. I was very happy with the bag and would recommed it to anyone. I had no goggles, so I found it hard to see the screen while under water but I was still pleased with the results, you can still use all of the camera controls while the camera is in the bag.



It's a bit unnerving sticking your expensive camera into a rubber bag then jumping underwater but so far it's been without incident.

Strobist: one SB800 in the bag with the camera on 1/4 power (on camera), gasp!

camera bag underwater

camera bag underwater

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