Canon Camera Service Center Bangalore. Camera Raw 6 Cs4. Best Dslr Camera For Sports

Canon Camera Service Center Bangalore

canon camera service center bangalore

  • The Mysore region is an unofficial region that is part of Karnataka state in southern India. It forms approximately the southern half of the non-coastal areas of that state. The area corresponds almost exactly to that of the erstwhile princely state of Mysore.

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  • A city in south central India, capital of the state of Karnataka; pop. 2,651,000

  • Bangalore , also known as Bengaluru , is the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka. Bangalore is nicknamed the Garden City and was once called a pensioner's paradise.

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Hi, this is my first experiment with digital infrared. Here I used my transformed Canon Eos 20D with an infrared filter from Life Pixel mounted directly on the sensor by the italian Canon labs. It was the first time that they did such a job and I have still to point out which is the best autofocus USM setting.
The great difference between an IR filter, like the R72, put in front of the lens is that with this tweaked camera I can shoot IR images freehand with the Canon USM autofocus, otherwise an exposure will last about 30 sec.
Stay tuned for more creative shots then this example taken in my garden about one hour ago.

Tubosaka EE Camera Tester (05)

Tubosaka EE Camera Tester (05)

The typeplate on the back says that the production date is 47.4

imo I think that with 47 is not ment the year 1947 but either a weeknumber/day-of-the week-number or a month/day with respect to the start of production.

This equipment is clearly younger then 1947. It's more like the end of the sixties or the start of the seventies.

The still exsisting company Tsubosaka (see my earlier comment) was, according to their website, founded in 1971.

Added 29 March 2009 :
Just found the operating manual. It was issued by the Canon Camera Service Department (!) on Dec.8 1972.

canon camera service center bangalore

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